Select Shut Down or Sign Out on the pop-up menu, and then select an option . If your Windows computer turns on by itself from Sleep at night or on any other times randomly, it can be a hardware or a software problem, and the resolution will depend on this. Here are a few suggestions that may help you. Windows 10 comes with Fast Startup mode which doesn’t turn off your PC the usual way. PC randomly turns itself on after I put it to sleep. I built my computer and it’s been running great aside from one issue. I put my computer to sleep, and hours later, it will sometimes turn on.

  • Type ‘powercfg -devicequery wake_armed’ to see what devices are allowed to wake your computer from sleep.
  • Are you covering the exhaust vent somehow and stopping the heat getting out?
  • Programs like Steam, Skype, and torent downloads can drastically slow down your internet.
  • If you have an extremely fast internet connection, it’s possible that your internet speed is so fast that your drive can’t keep up.
  • By reading different threads and comparing with my situation, I have come to the conclusion that its the loose video cable.
  • In my case, it was not doing too much damage until I started using GNS3/VMware for my network labs, the CLI was very sluggish.

Press the Windows Key + S and type in automatic maintenance and click on Change Automatic Maintenance settings. If you see hardware listed, we can disable them one at a time. Keep in mind that you should typically leave your keyboard and mouse alone so you can wake your computer as you probably are used to. You can, however, disable one or the other if your situation calls for it. The top solution recommended scouring Device Manager for devices that are permitted to wake the computer up. It could be a network adapter, a mouse or a keyboard.


Now, let’s move to the part about fixing the issue. You should notice that the following fixes minecraft not opening should be used in Safe Mode or WinRE since you cannot log into your system once the “Windows black screen with cursor” issue occurs.

Solution 7: Changing Power Settings

This is fine until processes begin to stall. Try restarting your system and see if usage by this process returns to normal . Correct, you can try to change your power plan in Windows or check your Windows Defender settings to make sure this won’t happen again.